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The ultimate bachelor pad

The ultimate bachelor pad designed by Kelly Reynolds Interiors.
Το απόλυτο διαμέρισμα του εργένη σχεδιασμένο από την εταιρία Kέλλυ Ρέυνολντς Interiors.

This is the ultimate bachelor pad for the ultimate bachelor client. It is a designated Heritage class residence (by Vancouver standards) 1921 Warehouse that was converted into condo/lofts in 1996. The owner purchased this loft in late 2006 and in early 2007 woke up one day in opened up a standard drywall facade and discovered 100 year old brick behind it. That started the machine in motion for a couple of months and then demolition as there was no plan.
Enter the year 2009 and the owner decides its time to get the project rolling again. 

After 2 failed interior decorators, the owner approached Interior designer Kelly Reynolds then of Fruition Design Inc, works with the client and comes up with an overall plan to finish the project and help bring back that original warehouse feel but with some big city polish to it.
The original plan was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom standard condo configuration, early 1990`s style with little thought to how people actually live.

With this plan every wall came down nand the loft was converted into a one bedroom with 2 bathrooms. The warehouse feel was then resurrected with large living spaces original brick exposed and unfinished formed concrete as a feature wall.
Light was now able to penetrate most of the new floor plan through the large 9 ft windows. Even though this home was built with a single guy in mind, a lot of thought was given to providing the owner with healthy living environment.

Whether it΄s the Bio fuel fireplace the natural fibers used in all the upholstery or the home being on a timer and controlled by the owners I Phone.